Should I Sell my House to an Investor or a Realtor?

Are you asking: Should I Sell my House to an Investor or a Realtor?

Just about every day I speak with homeowners wondering this question: should I sell my house to an investor or a realtor? Everyone knows that all of the real estate websites flooding the web nowadays preach about their hassle free “cash offers”. We at ARCO Home Solutions operate a little differently. First off, We operate with Honesty and Compassion for others from the starting gate. There is no fluffing around the bush or non-transparent conversations going on at all. We recommend the best suited home selling strategies for all of the homeowners we speak with, even if it means we don’t make a dollar from the transaction. I hope that statement alone allows you to open your mind and see that our core values are what truly keep us going.

Should I Sell my House to an Investor or a Realtor
Should I Sell my House to an Investor or a Realtor?

Very Fast Sale.

Real estate investors buy houses fast. Investors always buy the house “as-is”. That means that the seller will not have to make any repairs what so ever on their property. That’s one of the many perks of selling through an investor. A home renovation and sale can sometimes take about 5 months; longer if the person running the show is inexperienced. By selling through an investor, homeowners save tons of time and will be able to move on with there lives.

Beyond repair time, the seller must hire a realtor, prepare the home with nice staging and do showings. Once there is a buyer that sparks an interest that’s when the real fun begins with the remaining negotiations, inspections and appraisals.

(Investors buy houses all cash offers: No bank approval is needed) Pic of cash maybe.

Cash Offer.

should i sell my house to an investor
Investors buy houses all cash: No Bank approvals needed.

How does a pile of cash sound to you? One of the biggest advantages of selling to an investor is that investors buy homes with cash. Regular home sales require conventional mortgage financing and approvals. It can honestly be a headache if you’re not prepared for all of the back and forth that will go on. The approval process alone can take months and after that nothing is solidified. That right there alone is a huge reason homeowners sell to an investor. Cash offers will eliminate the conventional bank mortgage financing struggles.


More visibility and Realtor Commission.

Putting your home on the market will maximize the visibility for sure. Just imagine painting your house bright red and drawing an arrow on it. That’s how it’s going to be for any perspective buyers with a WiFi connection.

The MLS visibility comes with an unwanted but required cost called, 6% real estate agent commission. This will amount to thousands of dollars that you will have to give up after the sale of your home through a realtor. The real question becomes: is 6% of my home’s sale worth the extra visibility?

To Sum it Up!

The biggest advantages of selling to a real estate investor is a fast transaction, the seller will not have to move a muscle, a cash offer and no fees or 6% commission. The advantages to listing it with a realtor is increased visibility and an agent negotiating on your behalf. So if you want to sell fast and the house needs repairs, we would highly suggest a sale through an investor like ARCO Home Solutions. If you have no need to sell your home quickly and have time, we recommend you pay the 6% commission to list it on the MLS.

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